Imagine Easy Solutions

Imagine Easy Solutions was founded in 2001 by two high school students, Neal and Darshan, to help students with their research and writing needs. Their first product,, has grown to be used by millions of students annually. Today, Imagine Easy has become a company synonymous with addressing the challenges students face in building writing and critical thinking skills, whose tools are used by thousands of educators around the world.

Why our work is so important

The way we read and learn today is drastically different from how we learned 20 years ago. Each day, we are exposed to exponentially more information than ever before. In order to effectively participate in this digital world, we need a new definition of what it means to be literate - one that goes beyond reading and writing.

At Imagine Easy, we prepare students to be 21st century citizens.

Our goal is to set students up for success in the digital age. When students are able to navigate, engage with and think critically about the information around them, they become more thoughtful decision makers. In turn, they become better colleagues, friends, parents, voters, and contributors to society. We prepare students to tackle the challenges a digital world presents.

The Team

We are a dedicated team with a diverse background.