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Wendy at Booth
Our booth at PSLA 2013

It was with great pleasure that my first PSLA conference was for its Ruby Anniversary (40 years). I was honored to have been there representing EasyBib, as we were mentioned positively in several workshops. As a company that values the impact librarians make, we’re proud to make an impact on the work of the members of this community. However, nothing we do can measure up to the level of work that librarians are involved in.

Lauren Super_Pine-Richland High School
Lauren Super,
“Super Librarian”

The role a librarian plays is dynamic and constantly evolving. Librarians are librarian-teachers, not just for their students, but also their faculty or staff members. As mentioned in the workshops, “Get Embedded! The Crucial Role of Librarians in Online Learning” and “Key Technology Tools for Academic Achievements,” librarians are now also the technologist for their school. They’re responsible for the training of fellow educators on all the latest online resources, often being the primary guidance on the latest copyright rules for digital media. They’re also budget trackers, being responsible for managing existing, and shrinking, budgets for the evolving needs of students. How do librarians succeed with so many responsibilities and hurdles?


Pennsylvania librarians have a diverse and supportive community. The large number of attendees at PSLA 2013, the diverse workshops and the first ever UnConference proved this point. The UnConference event allowed librarians to “share, learn, exchange ideas, solve problems, build community and capacity.” Led by Stephanie Brame and Dr. Joyce Valenza, this participant-driven workshop was proof that with a strong, active community, great ideas can be shared and executed upon. It is more important than ever for librarians to continue this level of engagement. The 2012 Pennsylvania School Library Impact study showed a positive correlation between investment in and access to libraries with higher scores on student reading exams. Let’s continue this investment of our time and efforts to grow this amazing community.

Linda Rowan speaks about how EasyBib is making a difference for one of her students.


Wendy Ikemoto is a Library Marketing and Outreach Associate at EasyBib. Harking back to her public librarian roots, Wendy is  sometimes seen volunteering at and skipping about the local children’s library.  Find more library and EasyBib news you can use on the EasyBib Librarians Facebook page.

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