Important Announcement: Suspending Research Beta

At EasyBib, we’re focused on providing high quality products and exceptional services to all of our users. With this ideal in mind, we’ll be working with a renewed sense of focus to improve our users’ experience with our products.

Research BetaIn 2011, we launched Research Beta with the goal of providing a place where students could use natural language to help find credible sources that were being commonly used by their peers. Based on the feedback given over time, we have decided to remove the service as we work on ways to improve and support the feature. The service will be removed as of December. We may bring the research engine back in a more improved format, however, so if you have suggestions or feedback on the current Research engine, please let us know. We know this will affect some of our users, however, we believe this to be necessary as we work on improving EasyBib for all of our users.

In addition, we are excited to announce that we’re currently working on a new design of our site. Working with all of our users and an exceptional design team, we have been secretly laboring away on a redesign of EasyBib that will improve users’ experience, and that is aesthetically pleasing as well. Look forward to some snapshots and updates in the future! We’re really excited about this, and hope that you will be too.

Once again, we want to thank everyone for their support of our products and for all of the feedback we have been given over the years. Without you, we would not be the company that we are today. Thank you.

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  1. Lisa Ligo

    I am very disappointed that the research tool may be discontinued. At the middle school level we use it quite often-as a resource and also a valuable tool for checking credibility.

  2. Mary Bagley

    I just discovered this today…..and actually found a great link for a freshman project. Glad I got to it while it was still up. I hope that you consider improvements that you believe are needed and then get it back up…..

  3. EasyBib

    We appreciate your comments and suggestions. Our team of developers are contemplating ways to best support this feature while ensuring that we’re still providing high quality services across our entire platform.

  4. C Skikos

    I was disappointed to learn that this feature will be unavailable as of December. Our staff & students are new to EasyBib & this was a major hook to get them using this all-in-one tool. Please reconsider, or at least bring it back ASAP!

    1. EasyBib

      Thank you for the comment. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. We’ll definitely pass this message along to the team that handles Research Beta.

      In the interim, we recommend using Sweet Search as an alternative resource.

  5. C. Radisauskas

    I’m thankful that you’ve reconsidered offering this product. While I understand the “convenience” of searching EasyBib for resources, I’d prefer that my students decide for themselves whether a source is credible. The checklist you offer is a fabulous reminder for students, but your ranking of resources is unreliable and has made me hesitant to use our EasyBib subscription.

    1. EasyBib

      Thanks for your comment. We’re currently looking at ways to improve Research Beta, so your feedback is greatly appreciated.

      We agree that students need to take an active role in evaluating sources used in research and generally include credibility ratings simply as an alert for students. We have also created a website evaluation toolbar to help students make their own credibility determinations. As part of Information Literacy Month, we’ll be offering this free for a limited time.

  6. Dianne McKenzie

    I do hope you do reinstate the research function – it is a good place to start for middle schoolers who drown on the internet with far too much to sort through. Although the popularity of sources may not be the best measure of credibility, it does give students an idea of keywords and links to other places they can look. I would even suggest not removing it while you upgrade, just leave it there and unimproved for a few months – then surprise us with the new improved version!

    1. EasyBib

      Thanks for the suggestion. We’re taking all of your suggestions and forwarding them to the team behind Research Beta. We’re also suggesting to educators to use Sweet Search while we work on figuring out our next best steps.

  7. Sasha Arnold

    I am very disappointed to see this feature will be removed from the site. It has been an invaluable tool to me while writing many essays. It helps writers to look at the bibliographies of others and see where they can further build upon their own ideas. I do hope you will speedily return the service to full use.

    1. EasyBib

      Thanks for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and will pass this onto the team behind Research Beta. We do hope we can find a speedy resolution for this.

  8. margaret buck

    At my school, this was one of the selling points that made our district choose EasyBib over NoodleTools. Its removal may well prompt us to reevaluate that decision – along with the other 29 schools in my district that also subscribe!

  9. Amy Fischer

    My school system purchased a 2-year subscription. How will you refund us for this loss? The research side of EasyBib is what you “sold us”, and it’s what we expected for the price. “We have also created a website evaluation toolbar to help students make their own credibility determinations. As part of Information Literacy Month, we’ll be offering this free for a limited time.” Is this something you will give your paid subscribers for free?? What do you mean about “free for a limited time”?

    1. EasyBib

      The website evaluation toolbar is a standalone app that will be integrated into our Research Ready platform. It’s a separate product from EasyBib.

      We understand the frustration that you’re facing right now and are working our best to figure out a solution that works for everyone. As for now, we’re recommending the use of Sweet Search. I’ll forward this along to our development team right away.

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