EasyBib is a Bammy Awards Candidate!

We're a candidate!It’s that time of year again! The Bammy Edtech Award, by BAM radio station, is once again honoring those who have made significant contributions to education technology through the development of extraordinary tools and digital resources that can profoundly influence education. As private companies and developers develop education technology products for teachers to use, the Bammy Award is a way for such tools to gain legitimacy within the education community.

As educators and administrators continue to embrace new tools to enhance classroom learning, education technology will further contribute to the success of our schools and students nationwide. In the meanwhile, education technology has only been getting more powerful as developers collaborate and share ideas to create new apps and tools that are useful to a compelling learning environment.

As the number of tools for educators increases rapidly, it often becomes difficult for them to determine which ones are best for use in the classroom. In order to assist educators and recognize the most useful tools, BAM radio station created the Bammy Edtech Award. The awards are presented by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International, which includes leading educators, journalists, editors, advocates, and activists.

EasyBib is one of the candidates for the Bammy Edtech Award, so get excited for the award ceremony in Washington DC in September!

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