AutoCite PDFs of Your Research Sources!

We know you all love our AutoCite feature–and we love saving you from copying and pasting titles, authors, and publication information into our manual entry forms (although it’s not THAT bad, is it?). To that end, we’ve added PDF AutoCite capabilities to EasyBib. Students can now cite scholarly sources in PDF format quickly and easily.

Simply grab the URL of the PDF, enter it into the search box for the proper source format, and we’ll pull the citation information from our database partners.

This video shows you how it works.

Pretty simple, right?

Just a reminder, we’re pulling our data from other sources, so please double check everything to make sure it’s accurate and that you’re not missing crucial pieces of information! With PDF AutoCiting, we’re making it easier for students to accurately cite credible, authoritative, scholarly sources.

Have suggestions for us? Please enter them in the comment box below!

Caitlyn Selleck

Caitlyn Selleck

Senior Product Manager at Imagine Easy Solutions
Caity has a BA in Political Science and History and an MLIS in Library Science. She has worked in libraries, universities, museums and for the State of New York. Caity currently writes content for ResearchReady and ensures that it works the way our users need it to. She also helps to create content pieces to help students learn about information literacy and research. She used to play varsity Water Polo in college.
Caitlyn Selleck

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