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Read to learn,
write to engage

with Imagine Easy Academy

The sheer volume of information available to students today is staggering - human knowledge almost doubles every 12 months. Students have to know how to evaluate, comprehend, and synthesize this information effectively in order to build new knowledge of their own. How can we help them learn to become purposeful readers, analytical thinkers, and effective communicators?

Active Reading and Writing Skills are the Key!


Students MUST have well developed active reading and writing skills to be successful, in school and in life.

Imagine Easy Academy' standards-aligned supplemental content is specifically designed to help students become purposeful readers, analytical thinkers, and effective communicators, by developing the informational reading and writing skills students need to be successful in school, college, and career.

Academy’s pre-assessments, engaging, media-rich lessons, embedded formative assessments, and detailed analytics ensure you're providing students with targeted skills instruction where they need it most.

How does Academy support the development of active reading and writing skills?

Learning happens when students read, comprehend, evaluate, and synthesize text to build new knowledge.

POWERFUL learning happens when students can express what they’ve learned through writing, the most active form of reading. Academy helps students develop these skills with instruction that includes:

building academic vocabulary
recognizing bias and point of view in informational texts
evaluating arguments
crafting well-reasoned arguments
synthesizing written, oral, and visual information
conducting research effectively and efficiently
constructing new knowledge
understanding the writing process
communicating what they learn in multiple formats

Using Academy With Your Students

Academy's lessons and practice integrate into your existing curriculum, developing students’ active reading and writing skills within the context of your instruction. You can use Academy to:

gauge students’ current skills knowledge, using Academy’s pre-assessments

develop skills students will apply to new units or projects

reinforce previously introduced skills, giving students opportunities to apply them in new ways

intervene to provide targeted skills support where students need it most

How Academy Works

Skills-Supportive Content

Use Academy’s search tool to find engaging content that supports the development of your students’ active reading and writing skills. Search by skill, keyword, or grade level to find content that directly addresses your students’ needs.

Assign content to your whole class, small groups, or individual students to meet their needs and support your instructional goals.    

Academy Search

Built-in Assessments

Help your students get the most out of Academy’s skills development, with pre-assessments that provide vital information you can use to drive instructional decisions, and embedded formative assessments that track their progress every step of the way.

Academy Assessments

Detailed Analytics

Actionable, real-time data reports on student progress by skill and standard, pinpointing areas of need, allowing you to quickly intervene with additional instruction or remediation.

Academy Standards

Customizable Content

Personalize your instruction by customizing existing content, or by creating new content to ensure you’re meeting the needs of all your students.

Administrators can modify, create, and share content with all teachers within a school to fully support instructional initiatives.

Academy Content

Instruction That Fits Your Needs

Academy’s flexible design supports a variety of instructional models, including:



Students can complete Academy lessons at their own pace, giving them control over their own learning.

Whole Class

Whole Class

Teachers can model Academy lessons and assessments as whole class activities, promoting collaboration and collective comprehension.

Small Group

Small Group

Specific groups of students can work on the skills instruction they need most. Teachers can customize the content to best support each group’s needs.