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Advancing student literacy in all content areas

How do you find the time to teach the literacy skills your students need to learn your content area curriculum?

Academy’s standards-aligned lessons and assessments integrate skills instruction into daily content area teaching, with fully customizable self-paced or instructor led modules students can complete anytime, anywhere.

What Does Academy Teach?

Students learn the following key literacy skills while interacting with content-specific texts and videos:

Pulling key information from texts
Comprehending information from audio, visual and other sources
Understanding point of view, academic vocabulary and text structure when reading
Understanding and synthesizing information in academic readings
Using strategies to acquire academic vocabulary
Using strong evidence when writing to persuade
Using strong evidence when writing to inform and explain
Planning, producing, revising and editing writing
Conducting research to learn, speak and write about academic topics
Using correct conventions and grammar

Learn more about the literacy capacities covered in Academy.

How Does Academy Work?


Ready-to-Use Content

Teachers assign subject-specific, standards-aligned content to teach, assess, and reinforce key literacy skills

Students Work at Their Own Pace

Students complete lessons within each module at their own pace, and can be given the option of retaking any lessons they haven’t mastered.


Create Original Content

Teachers can modify existing content, or create new content to address the needs of all students. Administrators can modify, create, and share content with all teachers within a school to ensure instructional goals are fully supported.

Track Student Progress

Teachers and administrators can track student progress at the individual, class, and school levels to monitor student growth, and export data to Excel spreadsheets to assess long­-term progress.


How Can You Use Academy With Your Students?

Integrate Into Daily Lessons

Integrate Into Daily Lessons

Academy content is designed to seamlessly integrate into daily content area instruction, providing skills-supportive lessons, activities, and assessments students can complete anytime, anywhere

Individual and Small Group Instruction

Individual and Small Group Instruction

Educators can customize existing content, create original content, or assign subject-aligned lessons, activities, and assessments that provide skills instruction and support to address individual and small group areas of need

Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom

Academy fully supports the flipped classroom format, with content that can be assigned as is or customized to address individual needs, with lessons, activities, and assessments students complete outside the traditional classroom

Independent Skills Support

Independent Skills Support

Assign skills-supportive content as independent study activities, and monitor all progress with Academy’s powerful analytics

Empower Your Students Today

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